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Mobile apps and UX


For us, nothing is impossible, We create applications and web pages from the simplest ones in the climate of Mario to those from the NASA level.

SEO friendly


If you came to our site, what do you think? ;)

Production of YT and advertising films


There is no film frame that we would not rescue and there is no recording that we would not edit.

Social Media


As part of relaxation, we will take care of SM channels from FB to Twitter and Linkedin.


You do not know what to do with your brief? Please send it to us and we will create Hollywood production.



In addition to individual actions, also in the whole strategy for the brand.

ux, seo, mobile app, cheap

This is not one of the well-known creative agencies with no personality. Baloo is a team of freelancers with many years of experience who want to turn coffee in corporation for pineapple smoothies on Bali.
Benefits? We compete not only with quality but also with prices, because our budget does not include renting an office, cleaning lady or paying for fuel, that's why dear Customer, you pay for the actual hours spent on your project.

What can we do?



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Do you need a general or detailed pricing?

Send us a description of what you need and depending on the complexity of the brief we will come back to you as soon as possible with a full cost estimate. If you have bothering questions or a fuck-up and you are looking for help, we are waiting for your mail!
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Baloo Creative Agency



Tulpenstraat 59 2231 GV Rijnsburg, Netherlands
E-mail: contact@baloocreative.com

M: +31 627323025